IV Vitamin Therapy

Why IV Vitamin Therapy in Barrie?

IV Vitamin Therapy is beneficial because:
  • When you take an oral supplement (swallowing pills) you absorb only about 30-60% of the vitamins because it goes through your digestive system.
  • IV nutrients are absorbed at a much higher percentage, flooding the cells with nutrients they can use right away, so you can feel better, faster.
  • It’s relaxing too! You are taking time out of your busy life to sit, rest, and get nourished

How to get started with IV Vitamin Therapy at Rooted

The following steps are used by our clinic to keep you safe and follow our Ontario regulatory college requirements.

  1. Book an IV Prep Visit at Akin wellness Clinic to discuss your health, do a health check, choose a bag and treatment plan. This visit is $50 and in person. If you’re already a patient at Rooted, you can skip this step – yay!
  2. You going to need bloodwork! We can request this from your MD/NP/ND or we can order it for you at your IV Prep Visit. Cost of blood work is approximately $50 as ND’s lab requisitions are not covered by OHIP.
  3. Once your bloodwork is reviewed, you can Book your First IV appointment online or give us a call at the clinic at 705-792-6717
  4. Make sure you are well-hydrated and have eaten within 3 hours before your IV. Plan on being at the clinic for about 30-45min for small bags and 60-90 minutes for bigger bags.
  5. Bring a book, watch our TV, or just take a nap and relax as you get your treatment.

Who benefits from IV Therapy?

    • Fatigue – chronic or new
    • Colds, flus and infections – feel better faster
    • Immune support- monthly IV’s to keep you healthy
    • IV Therapy for skin health, glow & beauty
    • Cancer Care
    • Pre- & Post-Surgery & Wound Healing
    • Chronic digestive concerns: IBS, Crohns, Colitis
    • Migraine headaches – as prevention or acute care
    • Nausea of pregnancy – keep energy up and food down
    • Athletes preparing for or recovering from events
    • Chronic conditions: Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Burnout/Exhaustion

Current IV Therapy Hours

    • Wednesday morning
    • Thursday afternoon/early evening
    • Friday morning
    • Saturday morning (every other week)

More info about IV Vitamin Therapy

  • IV therapy is the therapeutic use of nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants) administered safely and directly into the bloodstream
  • The greatest advantage of IVT is that it bypasses the digestive system, in which absorption of nutrients in some people is slow and incomplete
  • Oral doses of many vitamins and minerals often cannot achieve high enough blood levels for optimal effects
  • IVT avoids any gastro-intestinal side-effects that many patients experience from oral supplements
  • IVT directly floods the cells of your body with vitamins and minerals, thereby achieving optimal intracellular concentrations and healing the cells of your body from the inside out